brodie & jaycee 


Here's a little about us:

brodie - i Love the simple things in life such as good food, making people laugh, wildlife aaand the odd collectable action figure...

working on the ocean for 9 years, it being almost a second home has given me so much appreciation for the sea and what lives in it. this is where the whole theme behind our BUSINESS has come from. We wanted to keep the brand personal with a side of quirky and different.

i started off just making jerky from home for us to eat and not long after we became addicted to the tasty snack. making more until we started sharing it with our friends and family.
I wanted to create a jerky that was not only addictive like peanuts at a bar, but keeping it a healthy snack as well.


jaycee - i grew up on a farm for 20 years, lover of outdoors, adventure, travel and just good vibes in general...however for everyone that knows me will agree that i will always have time for a good lazy day in my robe. cause it's all about balance, right?!
since meeting brodie, his love of the ocean has rubbed off on me & we spend alot of our summer nights on the sand with a good platter.
When Brodie came to me expressing how eager he was to make our jerky legit, i couldn't wait to make it all happen and start a new adventure.
from the very start i was very passionate about the branding of savvy, wanting to keep it our style (and a lot like my home décor) - simple, inviting, rustic and unique.

We love a good sunday market so our original vision was to have our own ocean themed, rustic stall to share our jerky to whoever was interested. we then found a little food trailer which we painted & spruced up ourselves, settled on a logo/design, trialled & tested alot of jerky (i mean alot), nailed the flavours and before we knew it, we had a business of our own.


side note - with every bag that you buy we will be donating to the tangaroa blue foundation which is an australian wide not for profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris, one of the major environmental issues worldwide. 


Thankyou for joining us on this voyage and supporting a local business.
that's enough from us, we'll let the jerky do the rest!